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Massage FAQs

massage marinaWill a single massage help me feel better?

Yes and no. For a number of physical and stress related problems, massage can have an immediate impact. Every day we have clients who come in stressed out, with a sore neck, tight back, etc. and leave feeling a lot better than when they came in. But if you have ever had the experience of getting a massage and not noticed an immediate difference in your body after, you are not alone.

Sometimes the effects of the session take time to manifest. You may walk out feeling that you still have the issue you came in with but when you wake up the next day it's resolved.

But sometimes you won't notice a significant difference, even after a day or more. That happens because some of the positive effects of massage are cumulative. In other words, the more massage you get, the more benefit it generally has.

While many studies have been done showing the benefits of massage to treat a wide range of ailments, the problem with this research is that the studies follow participants over a course of many massages, usually during a period of eight weeks or more. Unfortunately, most people can't or won't commit to a series of eight or more treatments.

Instead, they come in for a single session and expect to get the same results as if they had been coming in regularly. While you can very definitely get results from a single session, you will only get the maximum benefit from massage if you come in regularly. That doesn't mean you have to come in weekly. Even a monthly or every six week treatment can be effective in turning massage into a regular part of your life.

We realize that not every one has the time or inclination to make massage more than an occasional event. We are just as happy to welcome clients who come once a year as those who visit more frequently. We just want you to have realistic expectations as to the benefits if you chose to visit less often.

If you decide to become a regular client please take advantage of our discounted series packages. They are a great way to make your sessions more affordable per treatment.

What Treatment Style Would Be Best For Me?

Most spas charge $20 or $30 extra for deep tissue, shiatsu or other advanced techniques. We don't. We know how frustrated you'd be if you asked your therapists to work a little deeper and they couldn't because you hadn't paid extra for a deep massage. And we know you'd probably be upset if you had already paid extra and then realized you really needed a lighter touch that day. Instead, you can specify a treatment style when you book, or simply tell your therapist how you're feeling when you arrive and they will craft your massage especially for you on any given day, drawing from a range of techniques to make you feel great. The key is to communicate with our front desk staff when calling, and your massage therapist when you come in so we know who to put you with and how to structure your session once you arrive. For example, if you like deep tissue work, let us know ahead of time.

How Can Massage Be Medically Beneficial?

People find that therapeutic massage can help with a wide range of medical conditions, including:

·          Allergies

·          Anxiety and Stress

·          Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)

·          Asthma and Bronchitis

·          Carpal tunnel syndrome

·          Chronic and temporary pain

·          Circulatory Problems

·          Depression

·          Digestive disorders, including spastic colon, constipation and diarrhea

·          Headache, especially when due to muscle tension

·          Insomnia

·          Myofascial pain ( a condition of the tissue connecting the muscles)

·          Reduced range of motion

·          Sinusitis

·          Sports injuries, including pulled or strained muscles and sprained ligaments

·          Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

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