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Testimonials for the Hypnosis Sessions with Marina

Two – Year Success!

“Thanks to hypnosis I have been a non-smoker for two years!” “I stopped instantly.” “It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.” - Susan – Hospital Worker

Hypnosis Takes Place of Willpower

“I tried the patches.” “The gum tasted awful.” “I tired subliminal messages.” “I heard about hypnosis on the radio.” “Hypnosis did the trick. I have been a non-smoker more than 6 months.” - Steve – Ironworker

“I walked out a non-smoker!”

“I smoked for 32 years.” “My husband had been badgering me to quit for years.” “I tried patches, gum, cold turkey, I didn’t have the willpower.” “Hypnosis was my last resort.” “I was amazed at how easily I quit with hypnosis.” “I walked in the door a smoker and out the door an hour later a non-smoker.” “I had no urge, or desire for a cigarettes.” - Sandy - Homemaker

“I kicked a 31-year smoking habit and lost 23 pounds!”

“Hypnosis made stopping smoking and weight loss easy!” “Hypnosis worked when all else failed.” - Debbie – Writer


“I Love Shopping for Clothes!”

 “My self-esteem is at an all time high. I look in the mirror and love what I see!” - Dona – Self Employed Direct Marketing Company

“I handle stress without even thinking about cigarettes.” “I am extremely satisfied with my results.” - Marge – Waitress

“I’ve saved more than $2500.00 since I quit smoking.” “That makes it well worth it!” “I am constantly telling other people to give hypnosis a try.” IT’s definitely NOT like the group sessions, this WORKS!” “I say go for it!” - Bob – Corporate America

“I recommend hypnosis to anyone who asks me about quitting.” “The easiest way to go is hypnosis!” - Paul – Chef


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